SOBEK - The Crocodile God of Ancient Egyptian mythology, in charge of the land of the river and responsible for protecting the traveler who crosses the river.

Omexey group was founded in September, 1990, SOBEK TIRE was established on September 1, 2015, started construction in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam immediately, and the rubber factory was completed in 2016. Tire industry is a very special industry, there's a story behind every tire.

SOBEK TIRE uphold the spirit of crocodile god to guard every driver's safety, and treats consumer safety as a primary consideration, we produce high quality tires to satisfy clients and market needs.

In order to make the quality better, we use better natural rubber, raw materials, formulations in manufacturing. SOBEK TIRE has advanced equipment and strict quality management system to produce high quality, good safety, excellent products, and strict quality control and tire inspection, we aim to produce high quality tire with market demand. Do not make bad products, not out of bad products, not accept bad products is our commitment to customers.

We keep on the concept of green to protect the environmental resources, when the factory is set up, we plan the water-cycling system to process production of wastewater, also cooling of heat emission to help curb global warming.

We always hold our position, step by step persistently, this is the core value of SOBEK TIRE. We have 30 years of research and development and manufacturing experience, and start with a new brand, have profession without burden, insist on guarding, and go our own way.

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